And it hurt
It hurt so bad
As if the heavens themselves were falling upon us
Yet, she stood there
Not a frown on her face
Not a tear in her eyes

Yet, there she stood
Her lips curling into a smile
For she knew
There were far better things ahead
Than what she lost today
Yes, she stood there
She stood there, knowing She deserved to be laugh
Knowing She deserved to enjoy herself
Knowing She deserved to be happy.



You shouldn’t be that affected by the things that go on around you. You only need yourself to survive. Other people keep changing but you can stay true to yourself. The others don’t matter. At all.
It’s true that you will be having people who will be there, right by your side, no matter what. The only problem is identifying who those people are. There will be fake friends, people who will befriend you for purely selfish reasons. Reasons that, in the end, may end up hurting you more than anyone else.
It’s hard to discern the intentions of the person beside you, or the person in front of you. It’s hard to judge the real character of a person until it is – more often than not – too late and the damage has already been done. But, without these hardships, life wouldn’t be life. It would be an empty void filled with absolutely nothing.
Life moves on in these ways and, truthfully, it works out better for you if you follow these waves that will eventually lead you to your destination.

Move on. Or else, you’ll be left behind.
Left behind in confusion, in pain. Lost. Looking for reality, but failing to find it. In the end, you’ll leave without a trace and disappear.
Everything happens for a reason. One just has to find the reason.
But, in the end, those who can’t find it, may decide to end it all.
Forever and Always.

-Prakriti Sharma